Two new papers grace cover of NIMG

Congratulations to the 28&Me Team on two new papers now out in NeuroImage! These papers, which reveal dynamic endocrine modulation of the nervous system, grace the cover of NIMG Vol 220 and were highlighted in Science Translational Medicine.

July 23, 2020

Congratulations to the 28&Me Team!

Two new papers will appear on the cover of NeuroImage Vol. 220, landing October 2020:

Pritschet L., Santander T., Taylor C., Layher E., Yu S., Miller M.B., Grafton S.T., Jacobs E.G. (2020) Functional reorganization of brain networks across the human menstrual cycle. NeuroImage 

Taylor C., Pritschet L., Olsen R., Layher E., Santander T., Grafton S.T., Jacobs E.G. Progesterone shapes medial temporal lobe volume across the human menstrual cycle. NeuroImage 

The work was reviewed in a recent editorial in Science Translational Medicine "Brain structural changes in sync with the cycle"

For more on the project (and a preview of a few more papers coming down the pike) head here