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Recent Lab Presentations

Pritschet L., Santander T., Taylor C.T., Grafton S.T., & Jacobs E.G. (May, 2020) “Functional reorganization of brain networks across the human menstrual cycle” Virtual poster presented at the Women's Brain Health Young Investigator Symposium, Vancouver, Canada. 

 Fitzgerald M., Pritschet L., Santander T., & Jacobs E.G. (May, 2020) “The influence of sex steroid hormones on human cerebellar network organization” Honors thesis poster produced for the UCSB Undergraduate Research Colloquium, Santa Barbara, CA.

Pritschet L., Santander T., Layher E., Taylor C.T., Yu S., Miller M.B., Grafton S.T., & Jacobs E.G. (June, 2019) “Functional reorganization of brain networks across the human menstrual cycle” Poster presented at the Organization for Human Brain Mapping, Rome, Italy.

Taylor C.T., Pritschet L., Layher E., Santander T., Grafton S.T., & Jacobs E.G. (June, 2019) “Human hippocampal subfield volume variability across one complete reproductive cycle” Poster presented at the Organization for Human Brain Mapping, Rome, Italy.

Layher E., Pritschet L., Santander T., Taylor C., Yu S., Grafton S., & Jacobs EG., Miller M. (June, 2019) “Within-subject fMRI analyses of the successful retrieval effect in recognition memory” Poster presented at the Organization for Human Brain Mapping, Rome, Italy.

Taylor C. and Jacobs E.G. (November, 2018) “The impact of oral hormonal contraceptives on the central nervous system – a population approach” Poster presented at the 48thAnnual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, San Diego, CA.

Pritschet L. and Jacobs E.G. (November, 2018) “Reproductive aging shapes top-down, goal-directed modulation of visual attention” Poster presented at the 48thAnnual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, San Diego, CA.

Taylor C. and Jacobs E.G. (May, 2018) “Determining the impact of oral hormonal contraceptives on the central nervous system” Poster presented at the 12thAnnual Meeting of the Organization for the Study of Sex Differences, Atlanta, CA. *Florence T. Haseltine Award for “outstanding poster by a new investigator